Delivering broad and diverse expertise in both social and economic infrastructure.

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Balfour Beatty Investments operates across a wide variety of markets diversified by both industry and geography. This broad perspective coupled with focused industry knowledge and expertise in each market we serve brings added value to our client relationships.


Balfour Beatty’s experience extends across all types of education infrastructure. This includes design, build and operation of primary schools,

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We have a proven track record in healthcare, delivering a wide range of facilities that have transformed health services in their communities.

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An area where we have significant experience, our transportation projects are improving quality of life while ensuring public safety.

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Power & Waste

BBI is helping to shape the future of energy creation and transmission and waste management.

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Student Accommodation

We partner with colleges and universities to bring their growth and improvement plans to life, from student accommodation and academic facilities, to arenas and other campus infrastructure.

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Residential Housing

We deliver quality residential communities through property management, ground-up developments, property acquisitions as well as investments and/or advisory services.

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